CRM with call recording – an effective solution for strengthening customer relations


By recording calls, you will improve communication with clients and strengthen your business strategy.

Importance of call recording in CRM

If the call is recorded, you can continue to work with it. Otherwise, we may miss important data that can be used in further business communication. Another benefit is the improvement of intra-company communication when passing on information about clients. The system allows recordings to be sent to e-mail, saved to memory devices, made available in the CTI application or directly integrated into the CRM system. One of the interesting options is the AutomaticERP system, which allows the creation of your own entity and the automation of processes.

Advantages of call recording in customer service and sales

Analyzing data from recorded phone calls will provide valuable information on how to properly communicate with each individual customer. You will get to know the habits of your customers, their wishes and needs, and thus you will get closer to them. This fact will of course also be appreciated by your customers, who will get the feeling that they are not just anonymous people whose number was chosen at random. Every subsequent phone call will therefore be more personal and therefore more successful from a business point of view. Each client’s database will include, for example, an overview of the number of orders, the type of goods purchased, the price level and the regularity of purchases. You will therefore be able to easily create a plan in project management, when and with what offer to approach a specific customer.

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Training of new workers

A call recording system can also facilitate call center coaching. It is always much easier to learn from practical examples than to try to acquire meaningless theoretical knowledge.

By leveraging call recording data, you will gain the trust of your customers and take your business to the next level.

Call recording function in CRM systems

CRM systems allow the recording of both incoming and outgoing calls, so that even before you pick up the phone, you know exactly who you will be talking to and what attitude to adopt towards the caller.

Option of automatic or manual recording

Manual recording is mainly used in situations where it is necessary to obtain the other party’s permission to record. Some companies prefer to automatically record all calls. This means that customers are notified in advance by the system that their call will be recorded. Recording calls can help resolve ambiguities in the area of ​​complaints or claims.

Call marking and categorization

One of the components of the call recording system is the so-called ticketing. It’s a great way to reduce business costs and increase customer satisfaction. After making a call with the customer, the agent generates a ticket with all important data.


Search and loading options

Sorting customers according to the parameters you determine gives you the opportunity to plan a successful advertising and sales campaign. So the system will not only find and load customers for you, but also compare and sort them in such a way that it is possible to target specific requirements.

The call recording system saves a lot of time. You know what to focus on before the call starts.

Benefits of integrating call recording with CRM

A phone call based on generating the necessary information is a way to retain existing customers. Another possibility is the renewal of communication in the case of new product offers.

Improved collaboration between teams

Teamwork is very important for setting the perfect business strategy. Recording calls, their subsequent analysis and triage can therefore help increase the success rate of each agent.

Better decision-making thanks to real-time statistics

After completing the task, you can still work with the obtained data to create statistics and graphs. You will find out how much time the given task took, what the costs were, and based on this information, a plan for further work will be created.


Use the CRM system to strengthen the business spirit of the entire team. The result will be an increase in profit.

Choosing the right CRM with call recording

When choosing a suitable CRM system, it is important to take several parameters into account, which can be summarized in four basic points.

  1. User friendliness
  2. Customization options
  3. Integration skills
  4. Price

It is always important to consider what we actually expect from the system and what options we have in terms of budget. That’s why it’s good to clarify your priorities. One of them should be the possibility of integrating the CRM system with social networks. Generating contacts through Facebook will increase your conversion rate.


CRM systems with call recording


This system is able to cover all essential processes for marketing and business activities. It is fully functional for managing communication both with customers and within the company team. It is a cloud system that allows access to data at any time, from anywhere and on any device.


The Salesforce programmable platform consists of several modules. Within each of them, standard functionalities are available to cover most company processes.

Hubspot CRM

The system allows you to start communicating with the selected contact directly in the CRM. And that both by phone and via email, live chat or messenger.


The main feature is a visual sales board to track leads, measure key activities and focus on sales strategy.

Help your brand stand out and meet your customers’ expectations. Your reward will be not only higher profits, but also mutual trust.

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