Online booking system with many reservations for individual events

Adventures at the shooting range = eshop + online booking system! An incredible experience combined with automation and a complete simplification of work.

Sportlov, s.r.o.


NoCode Plattform - AutomaticERP

used technology

e-shop solutions

System functions

  • The system is connected to Slevomat, where the validity of the codes is checked and the codes are also applied
  • For spo. Sportlov we also created an e-shop solution
  • So the customer buys on Slevomat, from Alergria, on an e-shop or from some other third party. Then he comes to the booking form, where he wants to book at which place (location) and at which time he will book the shooting experience.The system checks from Slemovat if the code is valid and if the customer can book and also the number of places.
  • Once completed, everything is automatically booked in the internal system, where coaches are also assigned to each event according to an internal key.
  • all e-mail communication with the client is made from the booking system and therefore every e-mail is traceable.
  • the system automatically emails 14 days and 3 days before the event.
  • the system automatically sends SMS on the day of the event
  • the system manages cancellation hours, cancellation days and complete mailing
  • the system automatically calculates costs

Other features

  • independent connection to the web – which makes them a booking form
  • The e-shop has a complete billing system in itself.
  • massmailing is a matter of course

Simple system development options

  • they can turn on project management, document management system, reporting system or duplicate any other item in the system at any time
  • the system is fully rest API
  • they can create other entities in the system themselves and thanks to AutoCRM their company can grow unlimitedly.

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