Document management system

The AutomaticERP management system also manages your documents. You can also get this system separately. But by being inside our system, it’s definitely better to use it to the fullest. 

The document system can be both simple and you can use it directly in the system, as well as more sophisticated.

It depends on what you expect from the system. We implement everything tailored to your needs.

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Document management software that has everything you need

Our program’s document management features include:

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Document Management

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Records management

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Work instructions

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Workflows over the document

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Approval and rights

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Document versioning

Try what our program can do in practice. You will see how you can use it to work more easily, clearly and efficiently on your projects.

What can you control through a document management system?


Completely control all documents in the company

Collect information from any digital source

Collaborate on documents and projects with colleagues.

Allow the whole company to benefit from the collected documents, experts and information sources
Enterprise content management features

Digital content management

Over 60,000 companies worldwide use the system on which our program is based for document management and ERP. So something has to do well… What is something, you can try it for yourself right now!

What can the system do?

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Extraction of documents

The reliable OCR (Optical Character Recognition) tool for recognizing data on documents is ideal for extracting invoices and receipts, purchase orders and similar documents. Thanks to the module, you don’t have to deal with an external extraction service, but still have the opportunity to connect the extracted documents to your accounting system. All extracted documents are stored on your server.

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records of documents

Enable your employees to easily and efficiently manage and store documents such as invoices, contracts and other documents. The documents can also be easily searched and filtered according to various criteria such as date, document type or page. Document storage can be easily linked to other modules such as invoicing or contract management, allowing for better document control and more efficient work.

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Circulation of corporate documents

The document system is fully integrated with the AutomaticERP functions, giving you full control over who can view and edit the document. For each document you can get information about its validity, creator, time of creation, approval, comments and people who saw it.

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Automation of invoices

The automatic retrieval of invoices from bulk e-mails and scanners enables efficient processing of company documents without manual rewriting. Full integration with other units in the system. The circulation of company documents and the convenient release make it easy for you to work with documents. The export to almost any accounting system and communication with the accountants enable easy integration into your existing systems.

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A convenient and efficient way to create orders. By setting access rights, you can determine who has the right to create orders, edit their content or just view them. In addition, orders can be created with a link to any entity in AutomaticERP. Approving an order allows for faster processing of the associated invoice, which means fewer invoicing delays and better cost control.

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Contract management

Would you like to manage your contracts with suppliers, customers and employees more effectively? Our system gives you better control over contract creation, contract lifecycle management, contract performance tracking and centralized storage. This allows you to manage your contracts more efficiently and have better control over costs and risks.

call center


Use the call center in the module, win new customers more easily and retain existing customers. AutomaticERP is an open-source system that can be customized to suit any business, so it’s perfectly tailored to your needs as well. It gives you the tools to automate and enhance your phone communications.

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Process complaints conveniently in the system, without unnecessary errors and with appropriate reports. This is what AutomaticERP offers you, thanks to the modular system you can process complaints in your own way. You can easily process the complaints in a clear Kanban board.

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Emails and data fields

By connecting e-mail and data boxes to the system, you will be freed from other external services. Incoming and outgoing messages can be immediately forwarded to the person responsible with a click of the mouse, so that you don’t lose track of what’s going on. The messages are available directly in the system and access rights can be managed via mailboxes.

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Use the search options, they can be linked to any entity. In the kanban board you can set any states according to your needs, so you can create your own processing. Automatic task creation when a certain condition is met, as well as one-click task creation from entities.

How much does this project management software cost?

The cost of purchasing the program depends on the size of your company, which also corresponds to the range of functions. You have the choice between a one-time purchase of the program and implementation on your internal servers or a cloud solution combined with monthly payments.

Are you a sole proprietor, a small business?

Start AutoERP – contains a complete ERP system

The price is calculated from the amount of data in the system and consists of a one-time fee for implementing and customizing the system. Then from the regular monthly fee for administration, cloud, updates, security and backup of the entire system and all its modules.

We do not require any additional license or user fees during use.

Are you interested in a system presentation or a free demo? Please contact us

Are you a medium-sized, large business, corporation or public sector?

The price for NoCode AutoERP is always decided individually.

What modules can you use?

The price consists of a one-time fee for the implementation and customization of the system. Then from the regular monthly fee for administration, cloud, updates, security and backup of the entire system and all its modules.

We do not require any additional license or user fees during use.

Are you interested in a system presentation or a free demo? Please contact us

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