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ERP for call centre

Acquire new customers more easily and keep existing ones loyal with our call centre ERP.

AutomaticERP is an opensource system that can be customized to fit any company’s call center. See how it applies to yours.

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What ERP for call centre will bring you

Central database

Where you have every client's information at your fingertips. You can communicate with everyone in a more personal way, building a better customer experience and earning their loyalty.

Automatic caller identification

You know immediately who you're dealing with. The system instantly provides you with relevant data for each caller, so you don't waste time searching for it and you can immediately address the client's problems or questions.

Adapting to your situation

The system can be connected to a conventional telephone exchange, but also to a mobile phone. It can be used by large call centres, individuals or small teams.


Call recording and transcription

Each call can be automatically recorded and saved to an .mp3 file. Automatic transcription of the call into text form by artificial intelligence is also possible.

Planning and evaluation

Call scheduling features are an integral part of the system, but there are also analytical tools that allow you to evaluate the efficiency of your call center, sources of leads, monthly costs and other monitored areas.



For internet calling, you can also use our VoIP extension, which integrates our ERP with popular telephony services, and offers a number of enhancements to make it easier for you to communicate with individual callers.

ERP for telemarketing made more efficient

AutomaticERP puts a variety of tools at your fingertips to automate and improve your telephone communications.

It reduces your efforts by instantly identifying the customer and providing all relevant data in real time. So you can focus on perfect customer care instead of searching for information.

Telemarketing, enquiry handling, complaints and other call centre activities become more efficient and help you build stronger customer relationships, increase conversions and also stretch the time and energy saved to other activities of your company.

Call Center Client

Our ERP with call centre can also be used by other departments of your company

Improving call centre operations is only a fraction of what our ERP can do. This modular opensource system can also be used for other forms of communication with your clients, such as online chat, emailing or customer tickets.

The results of all such customer interactions are – how else – concentrated in one clear database, where they are available for further communication via any channel you choose.

But alongside this, AutoCRM offers dozens of other features that can improve the functioning of individual departments in your company and the company as a whole. And across even completely different industries – the modularity of this system allows for a truly bespoke solution.

From sales automation tools to project management to inventory management, administration and marketing. AutomaticERP has the potential to become one of the pillars of your business success. See its benefits for yourself – try a no-obligation demo.

What implementation options do we offer?

You can purchase our ERP system as a one-time purchase and implement it on your own company server.

Due to the necessity to own the necessary technology and have staff trained in its administration and management of the entire system, many companies prefer the second alternative – hosting CRM on the cloud.

With cloud hosting, you have all the selected system functions permanently accessible for a monthly fee and there is no need to deal with its separate operation. The cost of both options is as follows, depending on the size of your company:

Which hosting option is better for you? What features should your CRM system have and what is unnecessary in your case? How much will the whole implementation cost? Contact us to get a quote!

The pricing of the solution is as follows:

Are you a sole proprietor, a small business?

Start AutoERP – contains a complete ERP system

The price is calculated from the amount of data in the system and consists of a one-time fee for implementing and customizing the system. Then from the regular monthly fee for administration, cloud, updates, security and backup of the entire system and all its modules.

We do not require any additional license or user fees during use.

Are you interested in a system presentation or a free demo? Please contact us

Are you a medium-sized, large business, corporation or public sector?

The price for NoCode AutoERP is always decided individually.

What modules can you use?

The price consists of a one-time fee for the implementation and customization of the system. Then from the regular monthly fee for administration, cloud, updates, security and backup of the entire system and all its modules.

We do not require any additional license or user fees during use.

Are you interested in a system presentation or a free demo? Please contact us


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