Attendance system

In the ERP system you will also find a time and attendance system that allows you to track the working hours of your employees.

It will allow you to monitor working time for the purpose of meeting the legislative obligation to record working time, as well as under a more strict control system.

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What can the attendance system offer?


Managing attendance by supervisor

Supervisor manages attendance and handles leave and other attendance changes



Export data to other systems


Connection to the calendar

Connection of attendance with calendar, possibility to view in calendar.


Assignment of subordinates

Each user has a supervisor, everything is managed by the appropriate person


Easy attendance reporting


Arrival marking

Quickly mark arrival and departure with a button when starting the ERP system.

Custom-made implementation

Are you missing an important feature in your schedule? Take advantage of the possibility to implement customized functions. Attendance information can be exported to all payroll systems that allow the import of structured data. For employees who need to edit attendance with location, GPS location confirmation can be added. We realize that not only attendance data is sensitive data and therefore we offer a secure server, but also the option to host the system by the company of your choice.

Come try a comprehensive ERP system and manage the whole company from one system.

How our Customer Relationship Management system evaluates users

The system on which our program is based is used by over 60,000 companies worldwide. So something must be doing something right... What that something is, you can try it out for yourself right now!

Price list of the attendance system

Prices vary depending on the size of your company and whether you choose cloud hosting with monthly fees or a one-time implementation on your own servers. You also always have the option of a no-obligation demo of the program.

Are you a medium-sized, large business, corporation or public sector?

The price for Low-Code AutomaticERP is always decided individually.

What modules can you use?

The price consists of a one-time fee for the implementation and customization of the system. Then from the regular monthly fee for administration, cloud, updates, security and backup of the entire system and all its modules.

We do not require any additional license or user fees during use.

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Support manager