Warehouse system + production system and their integration thanks to ERP

A perfect overview of all inventory is one of the conditions for the flawless functioning of any company. All the necessary information is immediately available to you. A warehouse system + a production system will save you time and of course also costs.


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Warehouse system and CRM

When choosing a suitable warehouse program, it is necessary to focus on what you expect from it. One option is the AutomaticERP program, which includes not only a warehouse system, but can also be connected to a cash register and invoicing system.

Definition of warehouse system

The warehouse system is an application (program) that provides a comprehensive overview of warehouse stocks and the movement of goods. It will facilitate profit tracking, stocking of necessary products and inventory.

Features of the warehouse system


An overview of all warehouses in which you carry out storage or removal.


A complete overview of all products, which you can sort by category.

Stock movements

Overview of receipts, issues and stock movements.


A complete overview of all suppliers, which can be filtered according to specific specifications.


A list of all the manufacturers of the products you sell. And even within your company.


A comprehensive list of your external manufacturers.

Types of warehouse systems

Automated warehouse system

  • cheaper operation
  • reduction of working hours
  • increasing warehouse security
  • minimization of errors during the execution of orders
  • operating hours 24/7

Manual warehouse system

  • possibility to hire seasonal workers
  • flexible adaptability
  • lower complexity of processes
  • suitable for limited assortment and low storage capacity

Hybrid warehouse system

Hybrid or semi-automated warehouses use common means of mechanization that are automated in a certain way. The main advantage is the lower need for manpower.


Types of warehouse systems

Product data

The stock card can contain lots, sizes, colors, serial numbers, expiration dates and other important information. Using this information, it is easy to find and analyze both stock cards and movements of goods.

Warehouse system - barcodes

The entire warehouse system is connected to stationary and mobile barcode readers. You will recognize the simplification in practically every warehouse operation. The system will help with all records.


Thanks to the analytical tools of the automatic warehouse system, you will get an overview of sales, TOP sales and also of goods that have been classified as lagers. This element of the warehouse system will improve the quality of your e-shop.

The higher initial cost of an online warehouse system will soon pay you back in the form of saved labor costs as well as increased business prosperity.

A warehouse system with which you will be one step ahead of the competition.

Manufacturing (production) system and CRM

This system offers the possibility to work with data more accurately and efficiently. Another indisputable advantage is more effective communication of the entire team.

Production system - definition

A production system is anything that transforms inputs and outputs with a certain added value. According to their nature, production systems can be divided into systems that produce products or systems that provide services.

Types of production systems

Batch production system

In the production of some products, precise dosing is necessary. Automation eliminates human error.

Flow generation system

Effective planning of activities that will be required in the next stages of production.

Just-in-Time (JIT) production system

Solutions to reduce costs and increase efficiency. In practice, this means that the material arrives at the given place exactly at the moment when it is needed.


Advantages of the production system

Catalogues and databases

Creation of product catalogs with the necessary information.


Establishing seamless communication within all departments.

Overview of the production process

A method for the possibility to look at any phase of the production of goods at any time.


Analysis of order history helps to set future offers.

Analysis of the production process

Charts and reports on the availability of raw materials and changes in production and export prices.

Data safe

All data is secured and you have an overview of who has access to it.


Monitors the marketing strategy and its effectiveness.

Product risks

Instant overview of your most successful products on the market.

Integration with other systems

The enterprise resource planning system – ERP system – enables connection with surrounding systems. This includes signing documents, monitoring bank transactions, downloading courses, connecting to the e-shop, downloading company data from public databases. AutomaticERP is easy to operate and does not require special training or special manpower. The client can choose between a one-time purchase of the entire system and its implementation on its own server.

Recommendations for the implementation of a warehouse and production system

Implementing a warehouse management system maximizes virtually every area of ​​warehouse operations. Thus, it prepares the warehouse operation for the future increase in productivity and the ability to grow your business. The moment you successfully implement the system into internal company processes, you will streamline inventory management and keep up with customer demand.

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