The big comparison of project management software: which is the best?

Project management is a topic for every entrepreneur. There are many software for this purpose on the market, and each is suited for a different type of business. To make your choice easier, we bring you a great comparison of project management software, an overview of the market leaders, their functions and features.

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Definition of project management software

Project management software is a tool that allows you to manage a project from planning to completion. It includes applications for planning, coordinating, and tracking various tasks. With its help, managers can effectively plan and organize the work of their teams, set goals and deadlines, manage resources, and track progress. Project management software also enables communication and collaboration between teams and improves overall productivity.

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Factors to consider when comparing project management software

What to choose? Since there are so many options, we’ve put together a few key features you should evaluate before deciding on a particular software.

User friendliness

User-friendliness is a key factor. If the software is easy to use, your employees will be able to use all of its features effectively. Project management applications should be simple to use, intuitive, and have a well-organized user interface so that they are easy to navigate.

Collaboration functions

Collaboration between teams and project members is important for overall success. Software tools should provide features that enable collaboration at the team level and between teams, and allow for easy communication and information sharing. This includes, for example, file sharing, chatting, and real-time information exchange.

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Integration skills

Project management software should be able to communicate with other tools and applications you use within your company. This includes integration with resource planning tools, document management tools, billing systems, and task management tools, ERP system, or CRM software. Integration capabilities allow your teams to collaborate more easily, leading to increased productivity and efficiency.

Customization options

Each project has its own specific requirements and needs. Therefore, it is important that the software offers customization and configuration options. This way, you can customize it to meet the specific needs of your project and serve smaller or larger teams.

Reporting and analysis functions

Data analysis is key to monitoring project progress and tracking key performance indicators. The software you choose should provide the ability to generate graphs, charts and other reports and analyses that allow you to quickly assess the status of the project and any weaknesses.

Mobile accessibility

Nowadays, working on a mobile phone, tablet, or simply away from the computer is no exception. Whether the software is adapted for phones is crucial, especially if your employees are used to working this way. Choose apps that are compatible with their mobile operating system and offer ease and convenience of working on smaller screens. Make sure the app supports offline working and data syncing over an internet connection so that you can work on the project whether you have internet access or not.

Price and value

Consider your budget. There are providers that specialize in large corporations, as well as smaller businesses. Not only the range of features, but also the price tag looks accordingly. Consider what you actually need, and whether the software has all the features that are key to successfully completing just your projects. Look for software that offers good value for money. The cheapest option may not always be the best choice, but sometimes the most expensive option is not worth it either.

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Choosing the right project management software for your business

When choosing a project management tool, it’s important to consider a number of factors, such as the size of your business, the number of projects you plan to manage, and your specific requirements. Look for software that offers the features you need and is flexible enough to be customized to your individual needs. Also consider the performance and reliability of the software to minimize potential errors and delays.

Identifying your needs

When choosing the right project management software, it is crucial to identify your company’s needs. Consider what features are necessary for your projects and the size of your team. Also consider how you will use the software solution, whether you need mobile access or data synchronization. Make a clear list of all the features that are necessary, that you would like, and that you don’t need.

Software evaluation according to your requirements

Consider a software solution according to your requirements and needs. Evaluate whether the software solution meets your requirements for features, performance, security and customization. Also consider how easy and intuitive the software solution is to use. Don’t be afraid to also ask your employees and team members what interface they work best with.

Free trials and demos

A number of providers offer the option to try the product for a few weeks, and then upgrade to the paid version. Make the most of these options and don’t be afraid to try several software products. In fact, you may discover many of your needs and reservations as you go along.

Feedback and user reviews

Look for reviews not only on the provider’s website, but also from independent sources. These may include various social media groups. If you know a business in the same area, or with similarly sized businesses, ask for recommendations and experiences directly.

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Take costs into account

What’s your budget? Set an ideal price, and also an amount that you can certainly not exceed. From there, you can then consider whether it’s worth paying extra for a particular system, or if the price is really too high. Although the cheapest option is usually not the best one, it is not wise to go beyond your financial means or spend unnecessarily on features you don’t need. Remember that quality solutions exist in every price range.

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Comparison of well-known project management software

Here is a clear comparison of the specific options that the market currently offers.


AutoCRM is a Czech software solution for project management and CRM (Customer Relationship Management). It allows you to organize projects, track progress and communicate with your team. It also has tools for managing contacts and business opportunities. AutoCRM is an excellent choice for companies looking for project management with room for growth. AutoCRM also includes a calendar, email integration, and mobile device support.


Asana is a popular project management tool that allows you to track progress, delegate tasks and communicate with your team. It also integrates with many other applications and provides analytics and statistics to track team performance. Asana also offers features for calendar management, file management, resource tracking, and quality control. Other interesting features include the ability to connect with Google and Outlook, as well as data security.


Trello is a visual project management tool that uses a tab and list system. It allows you to easily track progress and delegate tasks between teams. It also integrates with many other applications and allows customization of project boards. Trello also has tools for calendar and scheduling management, data analysis and team performance tracking. With customizable project boards, Trello can be suitable for different types of projects. is a project management software solution that offers a visual view of project progress and a simple interface. It enables project management, scheduling and time and budget tracking. also offers tools for resource management, risk tracking, and troubleshooting. Additional functionality includes task automation, time tracking, and integration with many other applications.


Jira is a project management software developed for efficient management and agile development. It enables project progress tracking, task management and version control. It also has many add-ons and integrations with other applications. Jira is often used to manage software projects and offers advanced features for agile development. Other features include bug and patch tracking, testing, and integration with other software development tools.


Basecamp is a software solution for project management and team communication. It allows you to organize projects, track progress and communicate with your team. It also has scheduling and time tracking features. Basecamp also allows document management, project scheduling and time management. With its clear interface and easy to use controls, Basecamp can be suitable for smaller teams.


Airtable is a project management tool that uses spreadsheets similar to Excel. It allows you to organize data, track project progress and communicate with your team. It also has tools for scheduling and time management. Airtable also has tools for analyzing data and visualizing results. Other features offered include change notifications, clear data views and integration with many other applications.


Wrike is a project management software solution that allows you to organize projects, track progress and communicate with your team. It also provides tools for planning and managing time and budget. It also has integrations with many other applications. Wrike also allows for file management, project scheduling and time tracking. Other interesting features include task automation, clear data display and integration with many other applications.

Main advantages
  • easy to use
  • extensive customization options
  • integration with external systems
Project management, contact and business opportunity management, integration with other applications
  • high flexibility
  • possibility of cooperation and communication in a team
Task creation and tracking, calendar, project visualization, reports and comments
  • easy to use
  • visual style
Creating and organizing cards, lists and boards, assigning tasks, visualizing projects
  • a large number of predefined templates
  • possibility of customizing them
Task creation and tracking, project planning, team communication, time and budget tracking
  • wide configuration options
  • integration with other tools
Project management, software development, bug and issue tracking, agile methodologies
  • easy to use
  • a central place for communication and collaboration
Create and organise projects, tasks and calendars, communicate and share files
  • possibility of customizing and automating connections with other applications
Creating and organizing spreadsheets and records, visualizing projects, automating tasks
  • possibility of cooperation and communication in a team
  • performance monitoring
Project planning and tracking, team management, project visualization, time and budget tracking

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