The best ERP systems – a large comparison of Czech and foreign software

Managing a successful business of any scale so that there are no time delays and unnecessary financial losses is a time-consuming process. The traditional process of internal planning and communication is unsustainable in today’s technologically advanced world. Modern companies use the best ERP systems to automate and integrate all essential areas of business.

Implementing the first or changing an already outdated information system is an absolutely essential step for a company. This is a relatively expensive investment that has a long-term impact on the operation and efficiency of your business. Study the detailed overview and comparison of the currently most popular ERP systems and choose the software that meets all your requirements.

Have an effective tool at hand, thanks to which you will have complete control over all internal processes. A tool with many additional features that will grow with your business.

The best ERP systems are a necessary management tool of modern companies


ERP is an abbreviation for the English term “Enterprise Resource Planning”. We are talking about software that allows you to organize and integrate different aspects of your business, such as:

Internal interconnectedness and transparent communication between departments ensures the smooth running of all activities and at the same time improves the ability to quickly react to unexpected changes.

How to choose an ERP system - an overview of the top 6 best providers

The range of suppliers is quite wide. Individual programs differ in their features, functions, specialization and also price. In the following chapter, we will focus on the characteristics of the 6 most popular software.


AutoERP|CRM is the best ERP that perfectly adapts to the requirements of your company. This OpenSource system will ensure comprehensive company management. It offers many useful features and additional plugins, making it suitable for all types of businesses that rely on mutual relationships between customers and business partners. The system efficiently collects and organizes data from all departments in your company. It can also automate various activities, so you can focus your energy on other tasks and development. It perfectly segments all contacts and divides them into individual categories according to your criteria (by age, location or position in the sales funnel). Thanks to this, you can quickly communicate with a selected person or a group of people.

The system can also regularly generate reports (on earnings, conversions, employee attendance, etc.) according to pre-set requirements. You can easily connect this software with other useful tools like Google Calendar, Leady or Mattermost.

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SAP ERP is among the most popular software on the market. It is mainly used by large international companies that operate all over the world. It offers a very diverse range of different functions for effective management of internal business processes. This system is highly reliable and scalable. Another indisputable advantage is the support of multilingualism and the possibility of easy connection with other software.


The most popular vendors also include Oracle ERP Cloud, which offers a very rich range of functions for business process management, finance, project management, supply chains and more. Its main advantages are: flexibility, easy implementation, the possibility of scaling and adaptation to the needs of a certain type of business.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

This type of program is a suitable choice for small and medium-sized business entities. It has functions for managing finances, production, projects, sales, order taking, planning and other aspects of business. It’s easy to use and also integrates with other Microsoft programs. It is possible to connect third-party applications via the Microsoft Azure platform. So it adapts to business in any field.


Infor presents comprehensive software preferred by large organizations with a focus on manufacturing. In the menu of functions you will find the management of financial processes, production, storage, trade and others. If you choose this provider, you can scale arbitrarily and adapt the system to your specific needs. This program can also be easily integrated with other software.


NetSuite is a popular cloud-based system that offers a wide selection of features for managing business activities. The cloud solution allows you to connect anywhere and from any device (it must be online). NetSuite is easy to use and can be integrated with other programs.

The best ERP system for your company must first of all cover all the needs of your business activity. The budget also plays an important role. When choosing, make sure that the given system can be adapted to your specific conditions and is user-friendly.

Are you looking for a reliable and comprehensive program? Choose our Czech ERP system. Our great team will be available to you all the time, to advise you or make adjustments according to your specific requirements.

Detailed comparison of ERP systems

In the previous chapter, we briefly introduced the most popular domestic and foreign suppliers of ERP systems. For better orientation and an easier choice, use the comparison table, where you will find an overview of all the essential pros and cons:

  • Intelligent Czech CRM modeler under OpenSource license (brings together a wide community of developers and users)
  • Suitable for medium and large companies
  • It adapts to the specific requirements of the company
  • OpenSource makes implementation more affordable
  • Significant simplification of internal work activities
  • The possibility to try it in heavy traffic for free
  • Necessity of standardization of internal activities (The solution is gradual implementation in phases)
  • Large selection of functions and modules for various business sectors
  • Flexible system for the specific needs of the company
  • Higher implementation costs
  • Difficult maintenance
  • Requirement to complete administration and maintenance training
  • Scalable and flexible program
  • Can be well integrated with other Oracle products and applications
  • High standards for data protection and security
  • Higher implementation and maintenance costs
Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Simple, intuitive operation
  • Compatible with other Microsoft programs (eg Office, Power BI)
  • Lower cost compared to SAP and Oracle
  • Smaller menu of functions and modules
  • Narrow specialization in a certain industry (e.g. manufacturing, healthcare)
  • Easily scalable system
  • A cloud solution option
  • Slower loading
  • Quick implementation (cloud system)
  • Simple control
  • A wide range of functions for different industries
  • Not as flexible as other ERP software

Our recommendation

Carefully consider all factors before deciding on a particular software. The free demo version is the optimal way to verify that the program will work well in your business environment.

Also, take into account that the implementation can be quite time and financially demanding. It is necessary to prepare and train employees for this process. A well-chosen program and properly implemented implementation will ensure greater efficiency and facilitate the management of internal activities.

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