AutomaticERP is not just a ERP. It also has a helpdesk that will make you a leader in dealing with client and prospect enquiries.

Try it out and you will see that with our AutomaticERP you can manage your entire company.

A helpdesk that covers internal support as well.

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What is a helpdesk?

As the company grows, the number of inquiries from customers who may contact the help desk with problems or questions about the company’s products or services increases. The help desk may be available externally for customers, but may also provide support internally for employees.

The helpdesk sets up a ticketing system, which ensures that no query is forgotten and also ensures that no query gets two answers. Often, customers solve the same or very similar problems, so the helpdesk has pre-made templates that save staff time by reducing the number of repetitive tasks. If it was necessary to quickly run a site backup during peak hours, templates can help quickly resolve the issue when hundreds or thousands of customers contact support with a similar problem.

The helpdesk is connected to other AutomaticERP entities. We can easily set up the necessary relationships and link customer queries with information about the client or product to which the query relates.

In AutomaticERP, you can always choose what extra functionality you need and either create it yourself very quickly or our technicians will help you with it.

AutomaticERP is a modeler that grows with your company.

Try what our program can do in practice.

Why use a helpdesk?

What can you find in the helpdesk?

Do not forget! The above overview of functions is far from exhaustive. As part of its implementation, this CRM software can be supplemented with any additional functions as required.
01. Internal helpdesk

Employees can group queries and report incidents in one place using a ticketing system, allowing the IT department to easily keep track of all requests.

02. Templates

Templates allow you to automate common queries, saving time that can be spent on important issues and specific queries.

03. Recording calls

Automatic dialling, recording, transcription and call management using artificial intelligence. With AutomaticERP, you’ll have all your phone communications available whenever you need them.

04. Knowledge base

Create reports and procedures for the most common problems and solve them quickly. The knowledge base can also be freely accessible, for example on your website.

05. Emails

Email support with customized access rights. Supervisors can view all inboxes simultaneously. Emails can be linked to tickets and customers to see the entire communication history.

06. Reports

Create statistics and reports relevant to you. The results of the reports can help you identify the biggest problem in your business and fix it. You can export statistical data in your favorite format.

How much does this helpdesk system cost

The price of purchasing the program varies according to the size of your company, which also corresponds to the range of functions. You can choose between a one-time purchase of the program on your own servers and a cloud solution with monthly payments.

Are you a medium-sized, large business, corporation or public sector?

The price for NoCode AutoERP is always decided individually.

What modules can you use?

The price consists of a one-time fee for the implementation and customization of the system. Then from the regular monthly fee for administration, cloud, updates, security and backup of the entire system and all its modules.

We do not require any additional license or user fees during use.

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