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Benefits of email marketing in AutoERP|CRM

Integration and compatibility

Email and email marketing is fully integrated in your system. All the features needed for successful marketing are in one place.

Overviews and reports

Generate customized reports. Keep track of email click-throughs and the interests of your target audience.

Different target groups

Do you offer different types of goods for different target groups? You can target your newsletter and send specific offers through segmentation.

E-mail builder

It uses the integrated Easy Email email builder. It is user-friendly and anyone can work with it.

Build relationships

Email marketing is not just about annoying newsletters. Use email to build relationships with your customers - pass on useful information, help users make a purchase.


All repetitive work can be automated. You can send an abandoned cart email from the e-shop, or as part of a condition send an email with a discount code to loyal customers.

The system becomes your property

And that includes the relevant codes. As it is an open source ERP solution, you can freely adapt the platform to your specific needs.

Work effectively with emails in marketing.

Save your employees’ time so they can spend more time with customers in person.

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Creating emails with drag & drop

The AutoERP|CRM system includes a new drag & drop builder Easy E-mail. The builder is very user friendly. It provides a preview and is fully integrated with the system.

Thanks to the integration, you can insert tracked links or system variables (such as client catches) into the email template built in Easy Email builder and see who last modified the template.

Case studies

Try this system for your business.

After the trial period, you can decide for yourself whether upgrading to the full version is worth it.

ERP|CRM program price list

Prices vary depending on the size of your company and whether you choose cloud hosting with monthly fees or a one-time implementation on your own servers. You also always have the option of a no-obligation demo of the program.

Are you a medium-sized, large business, corporation or public sector?

The price for NoCode AutoERP is always decided individually.

What modules can you use?

The price consists of a one-time fee for the implementation and customization of the system. Then from the regular monthly fee for administration, cloud, updates, security and backup of the entire system and all its modules.

We do not require any additional license or user fees during use.

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