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Advantages of email in AutoERP|CRM

E-mail inbox right at your place

You host the e-mail box on your server along with the system. You don't have to rely on external services and link emails via protocols.

Simplifies your work

Clear collection and categorization of data and automation of tasks that can be automated. Link entity emails with others, such as a task that you can create in a few clicks and send it immediately to a competent employee.

Roles and approaches

Each worker has access to their email. He can also receive mail according to his role and so he has an overview of everything related to his competences.

As a regular email

You will find the features you are used to from your personal and company email. Sorting into folders, labels, templates, filters, signature.

Systematic reports

Depending on the key you specify, the system can automatically generate regular reports for any entities.

Marketing functions

Of course there is a link to Web-to-lead, contact collection, newsletter, templates, linking links with click-through tracking.

The system becomes your property

And that includes the relevant codes. As it is an open source ERP solution, you can freely adapt the platform to your specific needs.

Streamline internal and external communication in your business.

Handle your emails like a pro!

Rely only on yourself

E-mail in AutoERP|CRM is not connected via logs from an external server, you have it with you. All the data that passes through the email inboxes does not pass through the hands of third parties.

Thanks to the complete integration of email in the ERP system, you can take advantage of the many features associated with it, from the features we are all used to from personal email accounts to the more advanced ones. Email filters, folders and labels are a given! You can also take advantage of marketing features ranging from the new more user-friendly email builder to click-through and email view reports. Work with roles to ensure employees only have access to the information they need. Each employee can have their own inbox or access a group inbox, such as a help desk inbox.

We will link the email entity to all necessary entities for you as well as to your own.

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