Production system extension for EspoCRM

Streamline communication between production and order process workers (salespeople, managers, warehousemen) with the production extension.
Work with your data in EspoCRM more accurately and efficiently than ever before. Streamline your entire production process.

This extension only works together with the AutoCRM extension

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Tracking of all processes that allow management to get an overview of the production stage of future goods at any time. Production staff are kept up to date on the status of production, including raw material availability, scheduling and potential problems.

Gain visibility into all areas related to production – ordering, determining delivery dates and purchasing raw materials.

Take advantage of project management features and plan your production conveniently with a Gantt chart. View individual workstations and the work process on the timeline. You will get an overview of the status of the plan by workplace and be able to see if all elements of production are being completed on time.

Be prepared for unexpected changes and adjust production at a moment’s notice based on supplier downtime or staff sickness.

Sorting out the most successful sales products and the most profitable items. Tracking their progress through the production process. Maintaining standards, quality control and proper documentation.

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