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Communication is very important not only in companies. The integrated Mattermost chat for EspoCRM allows for quick communication between employees. Separation of employees into different chats, one to one communication, task generation in CRM from chat, access levels.

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Forget lengthy emails and endless unrecorded phone calls. With the chat feature, you’ll have all your conversations together, easily traceable and accessible to everyone involved. You’ll speed up the flow of information, improve collaboration and achieve greater productivity.

Always be on the same page and bring fast and transparent communication to your business by adding chat to your EspoCRM.

With our extension, you can be absolutely sure that your communication is secure and will not fall into the hands of third parties. With the option of hosting on your own server, you maintain full control over your data and information. Your confidential conversations remain confidential and protected.

You can focus on your work and not have to worry about the security of your important information.

Chat is fully connected to EspoCRM, both systems communicate with each other and send instructions to each other, so you can create a new task in CRM directly in the chat with two clicks or, for example, when creating an order, automatically create a room with competent people in the chat.

Your work will be more efficient and all the information you need will be quickly available so you can achieve maximum productivity and success in your projects.

Mattermost does the standard you expect from chat – 1-on-1 conversations, group chats, media uploads, tagging and customizable notifications.

It has many other features to help you keep your communication in order. Search media and text, make calls, tag important messages, insert formatted text.

Mattermost also has an app for the most commonly used operating systems. So you can keep your communications close at hand.

Chat Mattermost saves all written texts in drafts. So you don’t have to be afraid to click through to another chat that is urgent. After writing off the e-axes, you can return to the previously written text.

chat mattermost module drafts

Take advantage of Mattermost and conveniently manage all chats and users. Create channels, add competent workers to them. Each user can manage the channels they are in, thanks to the ability to create categories.

chat mattermost module channel

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